Almond coated chicken


Serves 4 people






4 chicken breast halves cut into large bits

50 g slivered almonds

1 tbsp bread crumbs

1 tea spoon of dessicated coconut

1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander

Salt & pepper

1egg beaten

3 tbsp of olive oil and a little bit of butter




1) Heat a non-stick pan and roast the almonds. Leave them to cool then chop them thinly. Pour them in a transparent plastic bag (I use a deep-freezer kind of bag). Add the breadcrumbs, the coconut and the coriander.


2) Pour the egg in a bowl. Dive the chicken bits into the beaten egg and turn them around. Then put the chicken bits in the plastic bag. Do so until you get all the chicken in the bag. Keep it closed and shake it well. All sides of the chicken bits must be coated.


3) Cook the chicken bits in a large pan with olive oil + butter. Turn them around several times. They must be brown and crispy.


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