Kelvin Knight - Drummer and band manager




Kelvin Knight 1959 - 2015


Biography: Drummer Kelvin Knight played with Northern punk bands The Jermz and The Jerks before joining two-bass, female/male Leeds post-punk Delta 5, whose three singles for Rough Trade included the always relevant, fractured Mind Your Own Business. He also played with Gang Of Four and, in recent years, managed groups in York. -- Mojo magazine






Kelvin was a good friend of mine and had a wonderful sense of humor. I'm still smiling when I read all the little notes he left for us. I'm sharing some of them here with you. I might add some more as time goes by, who knows. It is my own particular way to cope with his loss in a non-tragic way. I'm sure he would have loved that...


Always in my heart,

Behave up there!




Looks like a Roxy love in tonight at Withnail Towers..
I'm often mistaken for Bryan Ferry as it sorry ~ someone who works on a Ferry that's it.
Take it boys..


Michael Douglas


As I sat in the Hospital waiting area this afternoon reading the June 2012 edition of Home & Garden (is was that or Hello ! with a photospread of The Beckhams playing junior scrabble ~ junior for Davids benefit) the Nurse called out 'Michael Douglas'...
I looked round to see if Catherine was him but sadly the small man next to me reading The Sun and wearing a flat cap got up.
Eternal optimist me....
And so to bed...
Goodnight Comrades





Did anyone else see Phil Oakley on BBC 4 last night talking about the
80's ? He's now bald and appears to have a very strange shaped head ~ looks
like Kryton from Red Dwarf !

Maybe that's why his hair was lopsided ?

Maybe not....


That darn cat


The cat who sits outside the flat downstairs is without doubt the most
arrogant animal I have ever encountered. This morning I wished him Good Morning
and went to stroke him.

He looked at me, got up, arched his back slightly and strutted off with it's
nose in the air.

Had it been a dog it would have bounded up to me and jumped up excitedly
(probably heading me in the balls but hey !....) and when I bend down to stoke
said dog, licked my face all over.

And that Comrades is why I am a Dog person.


Penguins in York!


People of Britain...
Under NO circumstances go outside.
I have just been out to get supplies and it's feckin freezing. I passed two penguins and a Polar Bear on my way.
Then a woman in the shop muttered the most stupid comment in the history of the known world..
"It's too cold to snow..." FFS....
You have been warned..



Future Goths


So apparently..
In 20 Billion years stars will begin to cease to exist and the universe will get darker and bleaker. So I got to thinking will there still be Goths around in 20 Billion years ? I mean they'd be well happy with that scenario.
Well not happy obviously,.
Anyway here's Bob with the weather.





Treacherous jeans


When you get up slightly groggy and trip over the jeans you discarded on the bedroom floor the night before cos it's so cold and you need to get under the duvet.....That.
It's ok though don't worry my head broke my fall.
Good Morning Comrades x





Next week I tell thee....
Next week I give up all my worldly possessions, don my tattiest clothes and start a new life as a Hobo.
Just doing my homework....


 Good vs Bad


Good Morning Comrades...
Well a real Good news/Bad news start to the day.
Good ~ England won the cricket.
Bad ~ Deirdre Barlows dead, one of the few remaining TV characters who smoked..
Good ~ The Sun have FINALLY dropped Page 3 photo's...
Bad ~ I swear it's even colder today, more penguins have moved in it's costing me a fortune in fish.

 Corporate dressing


Right so dressed for Fundraising/Marketing meetings...I call it

Sisters Hoody, Joy Division sweat shirt, Jeans and Raybans.

Corporate as feck me.

no reason for this whatsoever....


 Quintessence of dust


I have of late - but wherefore I know not - lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercises; and indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame, the earth, seems to me a sterile promontory; this most excellent canopy, the air, look you, this brave o'erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, why, it appears no other thing to me than a foul and pestilential congregation of vapours. What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? man delights not me: no, nor woman neither.


Stand and (de)liver!


Really productive day at The Clinic, sorting out lots of exciting gigs (News to come), and did some therapeutic shredding. Even remembered to buy a 2015 Diary so I know what day it is. Always an advantage I find.
Things really are shiny and happy ~ aside from having a liver the size of a 1962 Cadillac Sedan.
But hey what yer gonna do ?


 Love will tear us apart


Well my first day busking with the accordion did not go well. I fecked up "Love will tear us apart" (think I pressed the wrong keys). I was threatened by a man with a stick and an old woman without a stick. I may have a fan and the bellows problem...




 Aw FFS there is a Kelvin Knight who runs a scuba diving club on the Island of Angana and who's friends stand in a 'heart' formation for his profile picture.
I'm off back to bed. I run a 'First to Cardiac arrest' club on the Island of Angina.


Fruit schedule


Asda Grocery Home Delivery.....You give Morons a bad name. Thank you for
packing all the frozen stuff in one bag ~ do you really advise freezing shaving
gel ?

The totally squashed Bread rolls are appreciated, saves me a job as I always
put heavy weights on my sandwiches before eating.

The Sharon Fruit have a 'Best Before' date of tomorrow, so that's sorted my
fruit eating schedule for tonight.

AND Kiwi Fruit ?? On the invoice but conspicuous by their absence unless you've
sent the seeds and I have to grow my own.

Grrrrrrrrrr...Ah well...




Reasons to be cheerful....
Er.......well my flooded kitchen has had the floor heater on all night and is now a tropical paradise...I have parrots and all manner of monkeys amid the dense jungle.
The bathroom is still subzero and the penguins are demanding more fish.
It seems I have different eco systems wherever you wander in my abode.
I'm just waiting on a text then can confirm the first NMB Promoted gig in York....
Time to make more coffee and toast if I can hack my way through the leafy tendrils.
Happy Sunday !!


 Happy Furs Day!


If you check your diaries you'll see today is National Psychedelic Furs Day.
Well that's what it says in mine (written in crayon in my handwriting admittedly........).


Cab wisdom


So, in the taxi on my way home from the hospital to food and coffee and realised I'd left my phone in the bag they give you for your clothes when you get into those lovely green gowns.
Thought I'd better explain to the driver why I'd shouted "AW FFS TURN THE CAB ROUND" and slapped myself on the head....
"Maybe you should call the hospital make sure it's safe and they know you are coming" He suggested...
My fixed glare which suggested he would NOT be getting a tip urged him into adding "You can use my phone obviously"..
Phone and owner, stomach and food are all now happily reunited....





After being interviewed for the upcoming Delta 5 NYC 80 DVD last week I went outside the pub for a cig and a woman asked "Were you being filmed in there ?"
"Yes I was" I replied..
"What for, Benefits Street ?"..





Drawing: Mike Kerins - October 2015


Mike Kerins.jpg





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