Laurence Bibot - stand up comedian


Laurence Bibot is irresistible !


So, I went to see her show « Sisters Emmanuelle » with lots of anticipation and I want to complain immediately : it’s too short ! Laurence introduces us to a collection of rather kitsch (French & Belgian) iconic ladies with a mind blowing talent for imitation and parody. In her show she “is” Catherine Deneuve having to deal with a role where she has no legs. Also, she becomes the famous politician Simone Veil sat next to Lady cocaïne in a demented radio show.


She delivers dialogs between lots of characters at the speed of light. It is truly stunning. Sometimes, the public is slow understanding her jokes. She just waits and plays with it ! It’s sparkling with wit, merciless and hilarious. In truth, I was still laughing when I got to bed that evening.


Big congrats to Nathalie Uffner’s staging skills. She really added value to this already inventive show. Now, I have a wish. I want a famous film director to lasso Laurence and give her a nice role in a movie. I know it’s been done before but it’s go to happen again.


As you will read in the interview below, Laurence struggled a bit to find the right words to define herself. Too bad because I got loads to offer : elegant, simple, direct, mysterious, mysterious, mysterious (yes, 3 times), blowing you away, hilarious, offbeat, receptive, superb, brilliant, witty…  In short there are real reasons to be jealous because she’s doing all that naturally. Not like one of her characters, Amanda…


That’s it, I say no more. Here’s Laurence who kindly played the game and answered my questions. Go and see her show if you speak French and live in Belgium. The rest of the world is missing out !!!


When did you start acting ?

I started at a young age, at school. The very first play I invented with my friend. We must have been 8 or 9 years old. I realized I was unwillingly making people laugh. I didn’t fully get it but I knew I loved it. It was nice.


Could you describe yourself in 4/5 words ?

(hesitating and thinking) Distant, empathetic, curious… faithful.


What are your main influences ? Where do  you draw your creativity from ?

From observation. I have no comic master, nor do I have the memory of watching female comedians in a loop. I liked those women fine but I did not have a fan attitude. Yet I have an eye on everything. Sometimes it’s happening in spite of me. So, it really is observation.


What are the 3 things you couldn’t do without ?

My children, lots of chocolate and the rest I cannot confess…? Ok, sex !


What part of your art do you like best ? (reflexion, preparation, creation, transmission)

Drink beer with people (that’s what she’s actually doing). No. Being on stage, that’s the reward.


What do you like to do when you do not act ?

I love to sleep, that’s the activity I like best.


What are you most proud of so far ?

My family.


What’s making you go on ? What’s keeping you motivated ?

The fact  that I want to appeal to other people.


What’s your biggest regret or main concern?

Her : Oh, I would have loved to be born in New York

Me : Do you speak English ?

Her : Not t all. But it would have sunk in there, don’t you think ?


On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you hese days ?

Ah, it depends. Sometimes 3, sometimes 9. Like other women, it fluctuates.


The Bernard Pivot questionnaire


What is your favourite word ?



What is the word that you hate the most ?

You should.


What’s your favourite drug ?



What’s the sound or noise that you like best ?

The sound of my children kissing me on the cheek.


What’s your favourite swearing ?



Choose a man or woman to be on a bank note ?

Paris Hilton because she blows… She blows loads of money.

In which plant, tree or animal would you like to be reincarnated ?

Her : A gorilla. A gorilla… far away… up in the hills...

Me :  Great, I got lots of birds so I’m quite happy with an ape.

Her : Caution, it’s a gorilla. Not any ape, eh !


If God exists, what would you like him to tell you after your death ?

We were waiting for you to party !



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