Michael Zulli - Illustrator, painter and writer


Michael Zulli is an American dream maker. He uses his skills as an illustrator to create powerful and yet delicate, detailed and wonderfully realistic works of art. Internationally known for his work on "The Sandman" with writer Neil Gaiman, he has also illustrated J. Michael Straczynski (creator of series Babylon 5) novel "Delicate Creatures".


He worked for years on his solo project which is now published : 

The Fracture Of The Universal Boy

In the book, he beautifully develops ideas such as :
What is real if not what our senses make us think is real ?
Is there any reality outside of our inner self ?
What is the nature of belief ? Love ? The process of making art ?
Can't tell you how much this is talking to me !



Fracture U2.jpg


Michael Zully loves a quiet life at home with a lovely partner and surrounded by nature. He'll

always prefer the company of books rather then losing his time on the internet. He's got a liking

for privacy and that makes him look quite mysterious. in truth, he's a lovely person with a great

sense of humor and an immense talent. He's been influenced by the work of symbolists such as

the Belgian painter Fernand Khnopff. But he also gets some inspiration in rock-and-roll.


I can only encourage you to get his book and discover his rich soulful universe !


For more info and purchase :




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