Reg Smithies, musician & illustrator


There are lots of mysteries in this world such as crop circles, Loch Ness monster, Bermuda triangle, and... Reg Smithies !
Of all the artists on this planet, Reg is probably the most private and yet most charming of all. It makes me all the more happy he accepted to answer a few questions… here today.


For those of you who might be unaware:  he played guitar in different bands such as The Years,  The Chameleons and The Reegs. He also designed most sleeve artworks for those bands.



Now, I’m not going to go into details about how talented he is because his music and his art speak for themselves. Please know he has just completed his NEW artwork and it’s available on his very website: Regoid . Have a look and treat yourself and your loved ones with a signed limited copy. It’s Xmas time after all...


Ok, I’m sure you’re now ready and eager to know a little more about the man behind the mystery  ! Well, here you are…



When did you start playing music? + When did you start drawing ?

My dad bought an old acoustic guitar home that he got from someone in his local pub. I think I’d have been about 8. It had one string and I’d pick it up now and again. I eventually put a full set of strings on when Dave (Fielding) started to learn the guitar.



I remember being into Freddie and The Dreamers When I was about 6. The singer used to jump in the air and I’d do drawings of him.   


Could you describe yourself in 4/5 words max ?



What are your main influences ? (Where do you draw your creativity from ?)

David Bowie, Alice Cooper, The Beatles


What are the 3 “things” you couldn’t do without ?

Nicola, Joe and Tess (his family)


What part(s) of your art do you like best ? (reflexion, preparation, creation, transmission, etc…)

My least favourite part is when it’s finished because I’m never happy with it.


What do you like to do when you do not play music / draw ?

I don’t play music much but at the moment I am re-drawing all the covers.


What are you most proud of so far ? What’s the most important thing you’ve accomplished ?

My family


Is there a message or a goal in your art ?

I don’t know


What’s making you go on ? What’s keeping you motivated ?

My family


What’s your biggest regret or main concern ?



What’s your next project ? Your next challenge ? 

To redraw Strange Times (sleeve)


On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you these days ? 




The Bernard Pivot questionnaire


What is your favourite word ?



What is the word that you hate the most ?


What’s the sound or noise that you like best ?

Children laughing


What’s your favourite swearing ?



Choose a man or woman to be on a bank note ?

Ronnie Biggs


What job would you not have liked to do ?
Cleaning the sewers


In which plant, tree or animal would you like to be re-incarnated ? 

A robin


If God exists, what would you like him to tell you after your death ?

Only joking




© 2012   


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