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Virginie Cardinael is a spirit in a material world. She talks about her art, her life and her desires with a lot of delicacy and her eyes are filled with light. Her paintings are a journey to the heart of the matter. They glow with emotion, strong or light according to the painting you’re looking at. This mix of strength and gentleness defines her personality quite well.

Here are some recent paintings for you to see what it’s all about :



She also loves to share and transmit her passion. Young and older aspiring painters follow her courses regularly. She adjusts to each of them with patience, receptivity and respect. She is a non-intrusive guide, she calms down anxieties, she knows when to interfere or let people work quietly. Every student is delighted in the end.



Here’s an overview of Virginie’s exhibitions in the course of 2013 – 2014. She is exhibiting in New-York right now. You will also stay in contact with her following this link :


May 2014
Exhibition solo Galerie Espace d'Art Christie (Soiron, Belgium)

Novembre 2013
Exhibition Envoz'Art (Belgium)
Sept 2013 - Sept 2014
Book publishing project, exhibition and representation - Creative Concept Inc (New-York, USA)
July 2013
Hilton Hotel London, Bubble projects (England)
June 2013
Hilton Hotel Stockholm, Bubble projects (Sweden)
April 2013
Barcelona Showcase Casa Batllo (Barcelona, Spain)
March – August 2013
Exhibition galerie Böehner (Mannheim, Germany)



I asked Virginie Cardinael some questions in order to share her sense of creativity. She answered me, both surprised and amused. I thank her for trusting me and being so sponaneous.


When did you start painting ?

I used to draw alone in my bedroom when I was a kid. I couldn’t really paint because my parents thought it was just not appropriate : a hobby for later, maybe. When I got to 12, one of my teachers advised my parents to let me get drawing courses but they didn’t let me do so. They wanted me to do some sports instead. So, I bought step-by-step painting tutorials with a number for each colour.

As a young adult, I moved in a house and got pregnant. I wanted to decorate all by myself because everything was too expensive to buy. When my fater died, I felt like expressing things and not just decorating stuff. That’s when I really started with my artistic activity. Then things speeded up a bit. People started to buy my paintings and I felt the need to develop an official side job as painter. So, it’s been more or less three or four years now.


Could you describe yourself in 4/5 words ?

(hesitating) Positive, enthousiastic, determined, opened to others. I care about other people, I couldn’t live without them. (adding) and colored !


What are your main influences ? Where do you draw your creativity from ?

The   person who made me want to use the colours that define me is the painter DUSCH. I was touched by his personality, his unfussiness, his colours, his intensity.


What are the 3 things you couldn’t do without ?

Friendship, love and my children.


What part of your art do you like best ? (reflexion, preparation, creation, transmission)

Creation. Making art is giving birth.


What do you like to do when you do not paint ?

Lots of things ! I try to fill myself in, and live ! For me it means : to be with my friends, to talk and to share stuff.


What are you most proud of so far ? What’s the most important thing you’ve accomplished  ?

My children. I’m proud of them.


Is there a message or a goal in your art ?

Yes, it’s a conscience exploration. I do not dare say the word Karma... We are on earth to live lots of things but we always go towards the light. All of that shows when you paint.


What’s making you go on ? What’s keeping you motivated ?

The fact of being able to share things with others.


What’s your biggest regret or main concern ?

I don’t live with regrets. Sometimes I would love to have more time but I’m happy the way it is too.


What’s your next project ? Your next challenge ?

I like to make things up as they come along. So, we’ll see...


On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you these days ?

I like to shape my happiness. I’m very positive but is all this for real ? I’m full of questions... Let’s say I’m striving to get to 10 !



The Bernard Pivot questionnaire


What is your favourite word ?


What is the word that you hate the most ?


What’s your favourite drug ?


What’s the sound or noise that you like best ?


What’s your favourite swearing ?

Tju !

Choose a man or woman to be on a bank note ?

Gandhi, for his positive influence

What job would you not have liked to do ?


In which plant, tree or animal would you like to be reincarnated ?

Another woman

If God exists, what would you like him to tell you after your death ?

Look, see, feel, rest and start again...

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