Vincent Lambert, author

In real life, Vincent Lambert teaches French and Spanish to a captivated audience of young and not so young adults. His ever growing popularity, mainly due to his out-of-the box personality, is key to his success. Fair is to say he's both funny and ruthless at the same time ;D


In a dream life, he's the author of several books : Champs de Guerre - Rio Sangre - Havana Club

Check it out for yourself, hereare the links : 


And now, the interview !



When did you start writing ?

In 1996. I was unemployed and I was going crazy. I started to write to step out my misery.


Could you describe yourself in 4/5 words ?

Impatient, uncompromising, rigorous, sensitive, diehard.


What are your main influences ? Where do you draw your creativity from ?

Michel Houllebecq, L.-F.Celine, William Faulkner.


What are the 3 things you couldn’t do without ?

My bike, books to read and books to write, all the people I love... My girlfriend in the first place !


What part of your art do you like best ? (reflexion, preparation, creation, transmission)

The finishing bit, the polishing up, making things aesthetically pleasing...


What do you like to do when you do not write/teach ?

I ride my bike, read, travel, get some fun, discover stuff and listen to music


What are you most proud of so far ? What’s the most important thing you’ve accomplished ?

Going back to university aged 30 and succeeding into my job. Once I made the decision, I never stopped.


Is there a message or a goal in your art ?

Yes, I would like to make people think about things, drift away from what’s conventional or cliché. I also try to make people laugh.


What’s making you go on ? What’s keeping you motivated ?

Gabrielle Vande Velde, my girlfriend. Also, all the people encouraging me.


What’s your biggest regret or main concern ?

Well, I’ve never benefited of a large scale publishing and I miss that. Also, I’m terrified someone might steal my ideas. I’m also concerned I’ll never have the time to do all the things I want to...


What’s your next project ? Your next challenge ?

I have a project for a futuristic novel. I also would like to develop a historical novel about soldiers unwillingly enlisted in the army.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you these days ?

8 out of 10. I could even say 9 out of 10 if my books were spread out a bit.



The Bernard Pivot questionnaire


What is your favourite word ?



What is the word that you hate the most ?



What’s your favourite drug ?

Rock music.


What’s the sound or noise that you like best ?

Rock music.


What’s your favourite swearing ?

Putain !


Choose a man or woman to be on a bank note ?

Mick Jagger.


What job would you not have liked to do ?

All of them but mine (smiles).


In which plant, tree or animal would you like to be reincarnated ?

A bird. Something a bit significant (thinks) An eagle ?


If God exists, what would you like him to tell you after your death ?

You should not have come here, you should have stayed at home.


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