BRUIS Festival 2015 - Echo & The Bunnymen, Sophia, etc...




I love Bruis! I really do. This brilliant music festival is taking place a step away from Maastricht/NL city center.

First off, you enter for free. You heard me, they don't charge you anything to get in...

Secondly, it's nice. Stages are close to one another, you don't lose your legs running all around the place.

Plus it's been thoughtfully designed to help you enjoy some chilling time with  good food and drinks.

Rules are clear, communication is accurate, toilets are clean... What more can you ask?

Nice weather? Errr... Almost :)


Anyway, this is my "small review, nice pictures" of day one. Enjoy!



Echo & The Bunnymen


Five stars! I never saw them before and I got happily surprised. They have a very big saturated sound, they made the whole gig sound really "woah!".  

Ian Mc Culloch's voice was amazing, his sense of humor devastating, his grumpiness such a lovely gimmick.

At some stage with all that smoke, I thought it was Albator singning. But nevemind, that's probably just me...



001 bunnyman.jpg






Very intense... I looked around and everybody seemed to be possessed by the music. The set was really balanced between more atmospheric songs and edgy rock & roll ones. I don't like comparisons but that's the kind of intensity you find in Greg Dulli's Afghan Wigs' music. when it starts, it takes you somewhere else. The songs were nicely introduced by lead singer Robin Propper-Sheppard (former God Machine). Flawless, hypnotic and beautiful.


002 Sophia.jpg




The Anaesthetics


Warning, big crush!

I was standing outside waiting for the gate to open when I heard them rehearsing and couldn't wait to hear the full set. And I was not disappointed!

Vulnerable lost boy vocals, sparkling guitar, warm bass, tight drums... It made me just happy to be alive on that night...

They have an EP out and are currently preparing their first album.

Here's the link to their website. You can listen to their EP and get more info there :  The Anaesthetics









Say "PAN"!

From Brussels with love, here's Paon. They were the first band to play and they delivered a nice and punchy set on the main stage, opening for the whole festival.

They seemed to have great fun on stage too. Their music is pop rock with slightly melancholic melodies, almost psychedelic at times.

Check out their website for more information :



001 paon.jpg






The festival is almost over but if you miss it this year, be sure you don't in 2016!







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