Dead Guitars, Mönchengladbach, 15-12-2012


What's the difference between really good and excellent ? I don't know, really. But last night this band really raised the bar up high. They were gutted they couldn't rehearse a lot more. And the lack of control makes them feel funny (perfectionists, you see...). So, I guess all they could do was let go and be themselves...


And they took us with them on a melodic rollercoaster. The perfect illustration of total synergy. The funny thing is that, when asked, each of them thinks the other one is the star of it. But, in truth, they all are incredibly talented !


I wish they could be on the other side, in the crowd and feel it the way we do. Then they would understand how it is to receive all this energy, all this love, wrapped around their strings, sticks & voices. Have I said too much ? I haven't said enough...

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