Fractals are self-similar patterns. They are identically the same at every scale (most of the time). They are not limited to geometric patterns but can also describe processes. They are found in images, sounds and structure (technology). They exist in nature more often than you may think. Here are a few examples :






They’re also commonly found in DNA, blood vessels, ocean waves, etc. The more you think about it, the more you find them everywhere ! Why speak of fractals here today ? Well, first off they are extremely beautiful. I’ve always had a strange facination for them.


Secondly, understanding fractals helps understanding the structure of the whole universe. They are used to explain phenomenons that other theories fail to explain. In health for example, they define heart rate variability. Also, they really help when the laws of statistics don’t seem to anymore. They give some sense to the unpredictable on earth and beyond.

They are indeed present everywhere in the cosmos. Back to earth, they’re directly used in images (SF movies) and music. Philip Glass, one of the greatest composer of all times, is often using fractal melody.


Finally, here’s a link a the wonderful fractal generator you can use a twill.

Have fun and explore !    Soler Fractals


Here are my "orchid" fractals :








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