Interpol - London - July 7th 2018

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"Special guests at The Cure 40th anniversary gig. The New Yorker's blend of alternative rock and indie comes with a heavy dose of 80's post-punk tinged darkness. The band have been celebrating this year, palying debut album 'Turn On the Bright Lights' in full at gigs to mark 15th anniversary. They also revealed music for their next album due out in 2018" - Said gig advert


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The sun...

When Interpol enters the stage they find themselves facing the blazing sunshine trapped in their suit. But stylish is their middle name and they litterally didn't give a sweat. They even raised the temperature a few degrees Farenheit with their sizzling beautiful set. Luckily, they played their new single "Rover" from their forthcoming sixth album Marauder. The rest of the set was a lovely trip through their absolute classics, visually supported by background changing from white to red and vice versa.









Everyone's got a favorite and I was overjoyed to hear "Rest my Chemistry" live for the first time. The air was filled with Paul Bank's unique voice, and I remember the first time I heard it on a demo a NY friend kindly sent me with this note: They're my local band, the most thrilling promising stuff I've heard in years . The rest is history!

Back to the gig, they left the stage with "Slow Hands", and we were indeed dripping down our dirty laundry!




(This vid is from another gig for better sound quality)


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