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This is the story of the fabulous Paul Freeman. Just in case you haven’t heard of him : he was the lead singer of a small band called “The Newts” based in Crippleton-upon-Leeds. Unfortunately, like many bands, they started to have a go at each other when success found them and eventually split up. That was years ago but they are still famous in a way. Some people are even hopeful that one day The Newts bury the hatchet and start again from scratch. But honestly, knowing Paul, and knowing the lads, it’s unlikely.


Oh, I forgot to tell you something here. I’m his little sister June. He’s my brother, all right, but I’m quite lucid about his behaviours. He’s pretty clueless when it comes to relationships. He’s had tons of girlfriends and each time he blew it. If you ask him why, he’d say that his heart told him to do so. What a vagrant heart, my big bruv… He regularly ends up living back at Mum’s, but hey, don’t tell anyone because that’s not really a rock-and-roll attitude.


When I think of it, he’s not doing much better handling friendship. It could be that he’s a little bit too self-centred and myopic. He attracts top quality people in his neighbourhood. They buzz around him like butterflies to the light. “The great Paul Freeman”, they wonder. But suddenly, whoosh, the light is gone, and off he disappears ! Then they realise they probably thought too highly of him. I feel for them because most of them are my friends. And they are top quality people, believe me !


Take the Newts for example. I grew up with them and I developed a great relationship with most of them. Their music is the soundtrack of my life. I just can’t see them through Paul’s eyes. He’s really keen on making them responsible for the band split up. I wouldn’t be so sure now. I’d say the lack of communication killed them. They just span different directions. Things, buried and unsaid stirred into a big bowl of resentment to the point it exploded. What a mess… Anyway, the past is the past.


My mate Gavin recently said to me : “Hey, Paul is quite charismatic still”. I believe he’s right. Paul is no spring chicken but he’s still got the magic. He can pretty much travel around the planet and get a gig somewhere based on his past reputation. Plus all he wants is to continue on his little sphere of entertainment with old music, sexy girls & funny substances. That’s his major achievement in life. And honestly, why not ? Even I can admit he’s pretty skilful when it comes to song writing. Although, it’s been quite a long while since he wrote anything meaningful…


I don’t know… Only recently, he was involved into a couple of great projects overseas. He shared some of his time and talent with other fab musicians. Till one night he phoned me up  in the middle of a tour and said “I’m getting itchy June, I need to move on. This great new stuff is calling me now”. Then I knew he was ready to give it all up. Did he look back upon his shoulder then ? And who paid for the mess...


All this to say, he’s come up with a brand new band : The New Newts !
Between you and me he could have found a better name. It’s him, basically, playing the old songs from the old days. So, I just can’t say the name doesn’t fit the situation either. What’s new about it though, go figure...

But hey, don’t get me wrong, I love my brother. He’s only human and fame is a delusive thing. It puts ordinary people in the spotlight and suddenly the fans mistake them for gods. They are wrong. There is no idol worth being worshiped. Only music matters…


 © 2013   

Warning : any resemblance to reality will be the result of pure chance or the product of your imagination

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