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Splendid ! Just when you thought the musical year was nearly over, you’re getting this little treasure of an album to listen to. SOUP is a peculiar choice of a name for a band but, hey, The Jam and The Red Hot Chili Peppers paved the way.


Officially called ALBUM, it is the natural companion of the previous releases from the different members of the band. As a reminder, Andy Whitaker recently issued the excellent “Things That Happened On Earth”. And Oz Cooper was involved in Paris Angels, their last album “Eclipse” was released in 2013.


Ultimately out on Wednesday November 19th, it’ll be available digitally. But you can still order the physical CD following this link:


Powerfully varied, here’s what Andy Whitaker says about the genesis of this project:


“Had I not been asked to be a guest vocalist on what would have been the first Paris Angels album since the early 90s, this project in its current form would have never of come about. Oz Cooper was a Paris Angels band member for the reunion and when they split last year Oz and I continued to get our heads down in the studio.

ALBUM will be the record of choice. Especially tracks like Chant Like A Loon, The Author, Shoegaze Song and Come on Over. It’s quite a mix of stuff, I had several songs coming together and so did Oz. Some just seemed to write themselves when we got together. There is also a guest appearance from former Music For Aborigines keyboard player and Midlife Dementia Show partner Colin Smith. We have revisited a song that arcs back even further to a band we were both in together namely The Neighbors.”


With such a variety of references from iconic bands, I highly recommend that you give it a try. It is also the perfect Xmas gift for friends and family with good musical taste.


So dip your bread into that soup!




Andy W.jpg Andy Whitaker


Oz C.jpg Oz Cooper

Colin S.jpg Colin Smith



Please know that the band will be touring soon in England, so don’t miss a chance to hear them live!


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