The Lost Patrol - new album - Out now


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The Lost Patrol began in the late 1990's as an experimental   project of soundtrack music. The band consists of musicians/writers Mollie Israel, Stephen Masucci and Michael Williams. Their music is characterized by lush, resounding electric and acoustic guitars, deep synth textures and, most importantly, hauntingly distinctive female vocals.


Although some of the names and faces have changed over the band’s brief history, their signature eclectic soundscapes and captivating timelessness remained a constant throughout their vast body of work. It was only after finding vocalist Mollie Israel in early 2008 that The Lost Patrol gained a new strength and consistency in both the writing and performing they needed to complete their most powerful  lineup to date. Assisting in the bands recording efforts over the years is Grammy Award winning engineer Larry Alexander, who has worked with other notables such as Sisters of Mercy, Suicide, and David Bowie.


Hop on their website for more Bio / pictures / gig info

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