The Maurice ©

 The Maurice was invented in the early 80'ies by Carmen Massuyr, all rights reserved.




Serves 4 people

 Ingredients :

(1 part = 4 cl or a small glass)

2.5 parts Safari
6 parts dry white wine (e.g. Pinot Blanc)
1.5 part Gin (or Péket, or Genever)
10 parts of tropical Minute Maid


Blend all parts together in a large container (avoid metal). Serve chilled.




Safari is an exotic fruit liquor based on passion fruit, mango, papaya, lemon & lime. It's a subtle blend of aromas both fruity and tangy. It's produced in The Netherlands



Péket is the ancestor of Gin. It's based on barley, wheat and rye and flavored with juniper berries.It's produced locally in Liege, my home town. Very popular, it's available as such or flavored with any possible fruit taste (coconut, strawberry...)



© 2013   



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