The Twilight Sad + EDITORS - Brussels - Oct 31st 2015



I don't know about you  but I haven't been to a large-scale gig for a long time. When I got the opportunity to go and see Editors and The Twilight Sad in Brussels, I didn't know how big it would be... Luckily, I could enter the venue early and get an amazing position almost at the very front.

There was still an hour and a half left before it all started and I had to gently defend my spot once or twice. But in the end it was worth it!

There's always a price to pay though and last night the price to pay was this : no food or drink, no possibility to just rest my legs or go outside for 4 hours straight.

So, NO, I wouldn't do that every day :D


The Twilight Sad were sharp on time (practice all day for accuracy?) and, what a gig they've delivered!

Driven by the heat of the moment, the immense venue and the crowd, they pushed themselves just a little bit more and it was fabulous.

You have to understand this: they are on the rise! Today they're playing with Editors, soon with The Cure. There is no doubt their future is something bright.

Yet they remain humble and nice, filled with authenticity. They were so amazed and thankful to be there. And I was so happy for them!







When EDITORS came on, the crowd went mental. People were jumping up and down, signing and raising their hands in the air. Fair is to say, the show was top quality. The lighting effects, the pyrotechnics, that was just awesome. Tom Smith is a  such a great entertainer and the stage was lively with the other musicians. They played most of their last album and latest songs but also a couple of oldies.


It's great to hear their songs live and get a good impression of their whole career. What I loved about them initially was this kind of "Big Country" sound and Tom Smith's deep voice. These days, they sound more like "Coldplay" and I guess that's what the public likes about them...



00 Editors small.jpg



Tom Smith's got one of the largest vocal ranges (4.75 octaves) in the UK and he's truly amazing live. Editor's new album In Dream  is rather experimental, developping their electronic side again. It is extremely well recieved by the public, I could witness people were really passionate and eager to dance and sing along. They are crowdpleasers for sure.





The band seemed to equally enjoy the experience, changing instruments and facing the crowd with passion. The encore was epic and they managed to keep the energy going until the very last minute. In truth, In Dream is different and won't please everyone. So, give it a try and you'll see for yourself.







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