The Twilight Sad - Köln - 27-03-2015

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If you’ve never heard about The Twilight Sad, then you're just like me.
I went to see them in Köln/Germany to hang out with a bunch of friends. I find it refreshing to attend some gigs with no preconceived idea and let the music surprise me. Don't get me wrong, the risk of disappointment was minimal. All the good people around me were already under the spell.

The venue, called Gebäude 9 (building 9), was situated in a quiet semi-industrial neighbourhood of no particular interest. The outside yard looked neglected with graffiti on the walls and doors, broken windows and posters. But the place itself was quite nice and the gig room rather big. All this to say, I was quite lucky to stand at the front because it was packed.



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So it began...
Influenced by post-punk bands, they have a sound of their own. Imagine a marriage between the rage of Puressence/India and the majestic sadness of Radiohead/All I Need and you're not far from the truth. The signer, James Graham, is intense and almost possessed by the music. His broad Scottish accent with open vowels and rolling consonants is very distinctive. There aren't so many people with a voice signature! And when he sings, he's genuinely somewhere else. As if he is reliving something or purging memories. Nobody quite knows the meaning of the lyrics though. And if you want my opinion, I will just quote Neil Hannon: “A writer writes for himself, not for you. A song is not a song until it’s listened to”.



I have to say, the music was truly beautiful played live. I just closed my eyes at times to feel it more intensely and it was a bit overwhelming. Almost too much… Each song was a highlight on its own. It's a bit contradictory, but that's the way it was. Every single song stood out. And that’s the essence of them!

So, the thrill lasted for an hour and a half.
And then some people were very disappointed that they didn't do 'encores'. I think it sort of makes sense that they didn't . No need for a fake break when the whole gig was a climax and all the energy was delivered…



I had a great time and I'm wishing them good luck for the whole tour.

Don't miss them should they play within reaching distance!



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