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Urban seafood kitchen

Today in Brussels, soon in London !!!





Bia Mara is a conceptual fish & chips place. Yes it’s fast food but the quality and the originality of it all makes it really special. It’s a place where tradition meets inspiration from world cuisine (Asian, French, Italian…). So say bye bye to greasy fish, here you’ll only find moist and crispy food !


Now, it’s so good you’ll struggle to pick a combination without leaving out lots of delicious options. Firstly you chose your fish (several options) or shrimps or chicken or veg.
Then you chose your coating (plain breadcrumbs, tempura, cajun…)
Dust your chips (erm, wedges actually) with flavoured salt  e.g. balsamic & red onion salt.
Add some home-made sauce (tartar, curry lime, etc) and... get a 10 euros package ready to eat in no time with a big smile from a lovely staff ! You’re free to add some side orders like red slaw or minty mushy peas (yummy !) and of course some Belgian beer to wash it down.

I know what I like and this place is ticking all the boxes. I hope they go on like that and I wish them all the success they deserve !


41 rue du Marché aux poulets

1000 Bruxelles.
Closed on Sundays
Tel : 32-2-502-00-61


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