Kokuban - Brussels


Forget about everything you know about Japanese restaurants. There’s no sushi or show cooking here. This is the temple of tasty noodles (Ramen) and ravioli (Gyoza).


Pass the door of this lovely remote restaurant and you already feel different. It’s a large open space where discreet lights give you intimacy as you sit around basic wooden tables. There are blackboards on the walls because it’s what Kokuban means in Japanese.


Order the plum wine to start with because, in truth, it’s no wine. It’s a fruit liquor made with a Japanese alcohol and plums. For a different experience, try some home-made organic ice tea.


Pick & chose your starters and you’ll realise that the concept of Tapas is no new news in Asia ! You’re soon surrounded by delicious small portions of the loveliest and weirdest tasty bites. Try the marinated cucumbers (with rice vinegar and seaweed), some Edamame (Japanese green beans) and of course the amazing Gyoza (chicken & veg raviolis). AMAZING !


Then pursue your journey with a lovely bowl of noodles in a fragrant broth. They call it Ramen. I call it heaven. Yes, Ramen is a simple dish but authentic and tasty. In truth the word Ramen stands for a wide range of preparations our Western minds fail to understand. All I can say is that the broth defines the Ramen : pork, chicken, seafood, miso… Dive in and you won’t regret it !


End up with some tea and sake. Or did you keep an appetite for some green tea and sesame ice cream ? At this stage, you’re no longer on planet earth. My conclusion is this : it’s so much more than eating out, it’s an experience for your senses.

Rue Vilain XIIII, 53-55
1000 Bruxelles 

Tél: +32 2 611.06.22

Open all week from 12:00 to 14:00 + from 19:00 to 22:00
Closing day : Sunday


© 2013   

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