Cream of tomato with basil and honey

 I have developped a short cooking method for all my soups in order to capture the essence of those lovely vegetables...


 Serves 4 people



8 big tomatoes

1 bunch spring onions

1 medium potato cut into small cubes

250 ml of organic tomato passata

1 handful fresh basil

Organic liquid honey

Soy cooking cream

salt and pepper

1 tbsp olive oil



Peel the tomatoes with a tomato peeler (genius tool !). Remove the center.

Cut each of them in four large bits and put them in a large pot. Add the spring onions cut into big bits. Then add the potato cubes, the passata, half of the basil bunch, salt, pepper and olive oil.


Boil water, e.g. in a kettle. Pour the hot water on the veg. Water should be twice the height of the veg. Cook for exactly 15 minutes. Leave it to cool down. Add the rest of the basil.


Use a blender to mix it all up. When you are ready to serve, pour 2 tbsp of soy cream in indidual bowls and 1 tsp of honey. Pour very hot tomato soup on it and stir.

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