Gordon's Wine Bar - London



The biggest problem of this lovely wine bar is its popularity...


When you stand there in the street, it looks almost like it’s closed. You could easily pass along without noticing that the side gate leads to the very entrance and the huge outdoors terrace. You can drink outside with proper heat and space, even in the heart of the winter.


Now if you want to get in, that’s another story. It’s packed with local people and travellers. And there are several reasons why this place is so popular. First off, it is supposed to be the oldest wine bar in London and has been running since 1890. And indeed, the steps, the vaults, the atmosphere are quite unique. Secondly, there’s a wide selection of award winning wines and a drink for every budget. Also, they serve you sherries, madeiras and ports from the barrel. And there is a little corner with pub food that comes in decent portions.


Go to their website and you’ll  get an overview :  the wine list and also the music schedule ! You can’t really ask for more than that ! So I strongly recommend that you venture in when in London. It’s only a step away from Trafalgar Square.


Gordon's Wine Bar
47 Villiers Street
London WC2N 6NE
United Kingdom

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