Home made wedges

Serves 4 people



8 medium potatoes (or more)

2 tbsp of olive oil

Spices to your liking:

1 tsp of ground paprika

1 tsp of ground chili

1 tbsp of thyme

Salt & pepper


Tip : you change the tastes to your liking. It works well with curry powder, breadcrums, garlic, rosmemary...




1) Heat oven to 180C/fan with a bowl of hot water at the bottom.
Prepare a large flat oven dish, e.g. a large glass pie mold or a drip pan


2) Wash the potatoes with the skin. Cut them in two lengthwise, then each half in two. Place them in the oven dish. Sprinkle with spices and olive oil. Toss and mix evenly. Arrange potatoes bits so that they form only one layer. Add some of salt and pepper.


3) Cook for +/- 20 min. Crispy outside, tender inside.


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