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For most people, design is a word used to qualify an object that is pretty useless, very expensive and snob. In truth, it is not about that. To quote one of my favourite painters, Vassili Kandinsky :

“Properly speaking, form is the outward expression of its inner meaning”

Design is a word that involves art, science, philosophy, marketing and trade. It’s a rather young cross-over discipline which invents or re-defines objects with technique, simplicity, harmony, and soul. For me, it has got a special place in the world of creation.


Is design expensive ? Yes, it is still dear when it’s not mass-produced. But wait, no ! Most people own a design object : an Ikea chair, design wall stickers, an iPod…


Is design useless ? No, it’s totally the opposite. Design objects are made to be used.


Is design art ? Yes, If you think of the uniqueness and beauty of some design objects. But no, because it’s not made to stand in museums.


Is design ethical ? Well yes. It is naturally user-oriented and therefore made to serve the customer.


What is design and what is not ? Hum… A design object has been thought to solve a problem in an elegant modern way. If such an object is intriguing you, appealing to your senses, changing your perception of what is around you, then it has met its purpose.


Throughout this section, I will attempt to present some of my favourite objects and/or designers in a fun way.
Stay tuned !

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