Starck's spaceship


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away... Natives of Planet Aluminia built this incredible spaceship designed to travel through the universe. they were quite ugly looking, Aluminians, but in fact very gentle. The reason why they built this rocket was to try and find what they were now missing on their planet : the precious liquid fuel they called Citrux. Indeed, they used it to heat and light their stuff and could not afford to run out. After a long prospection into deep space, they discovered a lonely planet in the next galaxy with its underground flooded with Citrux.


On March 24th 3782 (earth time), they launched their rocket into space. The vehicle was shiny and new and it flew through space with pride and elegance... Now, I know nothing about the outcome of this mission but I’m sure you’ll figure it out for yourself ! In truth, this object is a citrus-squeezer (of the third kind :)



In real life, the mad creator of this object is a French product designer called Philippe Starck. His designs cover various things from interiors design to mass produced goods such as chairs, bath tubs or lights.


Is he unknown ? Far from it ! You’ll find his chairs in “Ugly Betty” or “Boston Legal” series for example. Now, he got the Honor Award of the American Institue of Architects. Wow, that must look good on a C.V. ! 

That's all for now, but my little finger tells me there'll be more of his creations in the future on this (outer)space :)



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