Mogwai - Brussels AB - 21/10/2017








Mogwai is a band from Glasgow formed in 1995. They compose quite lengthy, mostly instrumental guitar-based post-rock songs, usually focused around the elaboration of a single theme. Their music feature dynamic contrast, melodic bass guitar lines and heavy distortion and effects.


What's striking about Mogwai is that they managed to spend 30 years together delivering quality LPs all along the way. Their brand new studio album, Every Country's Sun is no exeption. Sometimes epic, sometimes brutal; often quiet than loud (I jumped out of my chair at the gig :D ), their sound is building magical emotional landscapes designed to roam in. 







I was well aware of Mogwai but strangely this was my first time hearing them live. I was wrong about two things: their songs are not super long live and the diversity/quality of their compositions doesn't require the presence of a full time singer.


The band mixes sensational guitars with layers of ethereal synthesizers and gripping drums to create a unique sound. Immediately taken by their music I drifted away in thoughts and dreams soon to be brought back on earth, struck by lightening, caught into their storm-like build-up acoustic explosions. Fortunately, I had ear-plugs :D


Picture it like a huge wave after a quiet ripple, taking you higher and higher in a demented sea where you can feel the power of Nature. It was litterally thrilling! The light show was adding some depth with strobe lights and colorful spotlights reacting in time with the music.


At some stage, someone shouted "thank you Mogwai" and it seemed to sum up the audience's feeling: "thank you for bringing us here and letting us into your world".

In the end, I had the impression everybody was holding their breath and hoping it wouldn't stop soon. But how quickly it went away...






1. Friend of the Night

2. Brain Sweeties

3. New Paths to Helicon, Pt.1

4. Battered at a Scramble

5. Party in the Dark

6. Cody

7. Crossing the Road Material

8. Ithica 2709

9. Don't Believe the Fife

10. Every Country's Sun

11. Auto Rock

12. Old Poisons



13. Remuredered

14. Mogwai Fear Satan







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