Pepper quiche


Serves 4 people



1 puff pastry for a 25cm mold

1 or 2 red pepper(s)

1 green pepper

4 slices of bacon – thick cut

4 eggs

400 ml cooking cream

Salt & pepper

Chili powder (alternatively, paprika is less hot)

Olive oil



Heat Oven 180°C/fan.

Put the peppers in an oven dish and cook till the outside gets black in places. Leave them to cool and place them in a plastic bag (suitable for food) for 10 minutes. Then peel the peppers and cut them into small bits.

Grill the bacon and cut it into small bits. You can use ham instead or nothing at all for a totally veggie quiche !


Whisk the eggs and the cream together with salt,pepper and chilli (or paprika). Roll out the puff pastry on the mould (I use parchment paper underneath).

Spread the bacon on the pastry. Then add the pepper bits. Pour the eggs onto the preparation. Cook for +/- 25 minutes.

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