Soup - Manchester - 24-04-2015

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I can't think of a better line up for a gig: Andy Whitaker (Sun & the Moon), Oz Cooper (KiZiLOK), Mike Simiii (BFG), Elliot Wheeler (Dance Society Reincarnated), Colin Smith (Weaveworld), Chad Whitaker and Deborah Cooper. Wow! Call it a super band!!!


How was it then? Well, it was magical! The venue was packed with music fans and other musicians. John Lever (The Chameleons) was spotted in the crowd! The stage was so tiny it could hardly contain all of them. When it began, we were all transported to another dimension. As the Manc Review recently stated about their album:


It’s a reflective work of art which picks up where Whitaker’s former band “The Sun And The Moon” left off and it doesn’t fail to impress. Ingeniously crafted, “Album” is an offbeat, neo-psychedelic, guitar-electro, space rock, infused album that takes an Eastern excursion from its northern roots. It’s an original album whose happy go lucky folksy tones, spacious interludes, easy-beats and vocal harmonies wouldn’t sound out of place in 1968. What’s great about this album is the mix-bag of influences that come at you from all directions, yet it manages to blend into one kaleidoscopic, trippy show-piece. It’s a textured album, which in parts is delivered with such laid back ease that it kind of drifts into a dreamlike state, whilst shoe gazing in the recesses.


They played some Soup songs but also Black Swan Lane and Music for Aborigines tunes. I bet you can tell by looking at the setlist below.
It was an unforgettable moment out of time, the kind of experience you'd wish it never stops... 






So dive into this Soup!


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