The Cure - 40th anniversary - Ldn Hyde Park - July 7th 2018







The heat was indeed still brutal when The Cure entered the stage round 8:00 p.m.
The sun was like a giant projector and Robert Smith humorously hid his eyes behind his fingers raised in a cross against the light.

But it didn’t really stop the band from playing at their most energetic level. A joyous trip down memory lane, a well balanced mix between rock and pop songs initiated round 1978. The set covered many albums, with special attention to Disintegration and purposingly overlooking Pornography or Faith.

“I really can’t talk until the sun goes down, It’s taking all my energy not to dissolve.” Robert Smith jokingly said.


The gig started with Plainsong, hopping back and forth into time and ended with an exclusive encore from Three Imaginary Boys. The crowd was singing along Grinding Halt, Boys don’t Cry and many more. Songs were visually supported by themed projected vids, from black & white shadows of Shake Dog Shake to multi-colored bubbles and hearts of Friday I’m in Love. « Wrong day, but who cares» he said, introducing the tune. And indeed we were deeply in love with The Cure!

What a gig! Nearly 50,000 people came out to watch the bands in sold out Hyde park, a fabulous line-up including Interpol and Slowdive. But it was clearly The Cure that made it such a great success! It drew a crowd of happy goths from all around the planet, alongside English football fans (it’s the 2018 World Cup) and glittery LGBT from the annual London Pride march, all united in the celebration of forty years of absolute classic pop and rock songs.



Photo courtesy of Brett Spaceman

The band was on top shape! Simon Gallup stole some of the attention walking around with his pink bass, either holding it like a trophy or wielding it like a sword. There was even an emotional moment when he played shoulder to shoulder with Robert for a bit.

Robert was charming and fun and he thanked the crowd and other bands from the day. He also greeted early fans who were still there after all this time.
“If you’d asked me then what I thought I’d be doing in 40 years time, I couldn’t have told you it was this,” he said.

He seemed really in awe and humbled, both his hands on his heart, before leaving the stage. “It’s been a good first four decades, here’s to the next one. See you very soon.” He said.

There is truth in this... We’ve been travelling on a lifetime journey together, on each side of the walk. Tonight was a remarkable shared landmark we will never forget. Thank YOU so much for that.




Photos courtesy of Brett Spaceman 



When The Cure bumped into John Peel in the late 70ies, not sure they imagined the incredible 40 years that would follow! This year we celebrate four decades of beautiful dreamy guitars and melancholic lyrics. But not just that... There's a dichotomy in The Cure's music from happy clappy "Friday I'm in love" to heart-breaking "there is no if". Two sides of the same coin, most certainly. And that's the only thing we can be sure of: life's joys and burdens have shaped Robert Smith's creativity with peaceful flows and dangerous currents that only he knows. As a result though, we've been given a lifetime's work, an emotional landscape of melodies and poetry.

I suggest you read this article published in The Guardian, those guys have a way with words: "Admit it, The Cure is important"




When I booked tickets for this gig more than 6 months ago, I was over the moon. I remember buying "Pornography" just before my 16th birthday, my first ever vinyl!!! Yep, I'm one of those: The Cure wrote the soundtrack of my life, so speaking. I was Lucky though, I saw them live (but only once) in Brussels in 1987 before they became gigantic. I was first row and had to be evacuated half-way through, the pressure of the crowd crushed me and I fainted. Fandom comes at a price...


Geez, that was a long time ago! Now the future is full of goodies, there's a new documentary coming up, narrated by Robert Smith himself and directed by Tim Pope.

Also, new material should be unveiled this year. In the meantime, check out this unreleased song:






For more news & events: The Cure - Official






Fun bits from some bands taking part in the 40th anniversary in Hyde Park...


EDITORS - Lullaby






What happened there? Well, check it out for yourself :)

There's a girl in the corner...




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