Easy brownies




200g dark chocolate (quality, please !)

80g mixed nuts not salted and chopped

50g plain flour or organic whole wheat flour

150g organic butter

80g brown sugar

4 organic eggs





1) Heat oven to 180C/fan with a bowl of hot water at the bottom.
Melt both chocolate and butter in the micro-wave in a large bowl using this technique : 15 secs in the microwave, stop, stir. Then back for 15 secs, stop, stir.  This way you control the temp totally. Stop when it’s melted. Alternatively, use bain-marie.


2) Add the sugar and stir. Then add the eggs one by one. Then pour the flour and stir. Finally, add the nuts.


3) Pour in a common baking dish with greaseproof/wax paper. Bake for +/- 20 min. Check after 15 min. Must be crispy outside and moist inside. Leave it to cool then cut in large squares. 


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