In your shadow still (eng)



Here at the turning point of a deceitful world
where all hopes are dashed and your voice is unheard
Umbrageous is the chaos in your clear blue eyes
Ever growing shadows in your wavering skies

When thoughts go astray in the depth of your sadness
Music whispers the acute sound of your distress
Look into this night so black where you feel so blue
I’m standing still with the things I fail to tell you


Destiny pulls the strings, this page came to an end
And sooner or later you’ll have to understand
There is no relief in this immobility
Look outside, can you see the gleam of the city ?


I’ve seen your soul flicker when she’s walking around
And I’m always expecting you to hit the ground
But her eyes are devoid of any compassion
Take a different path to this self-destruction

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