Reciprocity Design Triennial Liege 2015






It is written on the wall in flashy green paint: WHAT IS DESIGN ?


Design is innovation, imagination, creation but also manufacturing and business building.

Design is for the people but also "with" the people. It has gained a social purpose.

Design is beauty with a deepest meaning. It is appealing to your eyes and your heart.


Here's a little visual take takeaway:




Plus a little favorite of mine:







In this exhibition inside the beautiful Curtius brasserie, PETITLUXE is a project of affordable and sustainable design.

They're at the stage where they've received some prototypes and need your help to develop their concept.

Their furniture is made in Vietnam to lower the costs, but they do it in a respectful way. When you buy one of their products, part of it is funding a school project.


Check out their website: PETITLUXE








You still have the whole of october to be part of this event. Enjoy!



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