Sivert HØYEM - Bruis Fest Maastricht/NL - 02/09/2016

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Sivert Høyem is a Norwegian singer, known as the vocalist of former rock band MADRUGADA.

As a solo artist, Sivert Høyem released the albums ‘Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition’ (2005), 'Exiles (2006), ‘Moon Landing’ (2009), ‘Long Slow Distance’ (2011), 'Endless love' (2014) and 'Lioness' in 2016.


To quote his official biography:

"A nocturnal light shines over Sivert Høyem’s new album “Lioness”. The Norwegian rock artist is still moving through a shadowy landscape, but the shades are cast by a warm light. Høyem is the holder of a voice that should be considered one of Norway’s natural resources, he possesses a control of timbre and a command of phrasing reminiscent of a classically trained musician. On this album, his voice is brought forth, not just by the utterly solid band he has assembled, but also by a rich, organic tapestry of strings and acoustic instruments. “Lioness” is an album pulsating with warmth and life".




How to put this in words... There are moments in life you know why you're alive. This was one of those moments.

The gig opened like a punch in the face and Sivert's voice was totally mesmerizing. The band played a few Madrugada songs. I really loved the bass driven version of Majesty and my heart sank when I recognized Belladonna. But this was not about the past, the whole set was mind blowing. Wonderful musicians with impossible names :D so very very talented. It was hard to let go but the memory will remain and the pictures too...






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